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ROMANIA – the best choice for dental treatment abroad.


Dentists Romania. We provide high quality professional dental services such as oral surgery, dental implant, conservative periodontology, partial denture and dental aesthetic.

Dentists Romania. Our offer corresponds to your expectations. We guarantee:

  1. higher savings compared to other dentists’ in Eastern Europe for an identical treatment solution.
  2. excellent results.
  3. short timelines and maximum availability.

Dentists Romania. We give you the best solution for you if your case is one of the following:

  1. if you do not have some teeth.
  2. if you do not have all your teeth.
  3. if you suffer from pyorrhoea.
  4. if you want a perfect smile (Smile Makeover – Hollywood Smile).

Dentists Romania. Contact us in order to:

  1. Receive an estimate. Send us your panoramic tomography. You will receive our proposal for a solution with a relating plan of treatment and estimate costs. You will know in advance and with transparency all the aspects of our offer!
  2. Compare another dentist’s estimate. Send us the estimate that you want to compare. You will receive a new estimate with our prices.
  3. Receive an advice and/or information. You will surely have some questions. We reply as soon as possible to your requests. In this way, you will decide if our offer respect your expectations.
  4. Book a dental visit. We are available to make free diagnosis and to present our treatment proposal.

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