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Dental treatments and prices

dentist romania. The most convenient dental care to do in Romania are:

1. Partial dentures. (which replace just one or a few missing teeth) or complete dentures (a full set which replace all your upper or lower teeth). We provide all different types of dentures including newest type of venture.
2. Dental implants to replace missing teeth. We provide all different types of procedures for dental implants including Latest Techniques in Dental Implantology.
3. Dental implants for patients do not have enough bone. For some people, bone loss after the removal or loss of teeth leaves them without enough to secure an implant, so many times a dentist will need to increase the amount of bone in a patient’s jaw. We provide all different types of bone grafting techniques: Sinus augmentation and Onlay grafting.
4. Cosmetic dental treatments. We provide all different types of cosmetic dental treatments except orthodontic therapy. The orthodontic therapy is a long-term solution and it is not convenient to go abroad for it. Our cosmetic dental treatments are based on Implantology methods and use of Porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays.

dentist romania. An index of treatments and therapies available in our practices

The minimum and maximum prices specified inside brackets. The variation is due to different factors like: the type of therapeutic protocol, the types of dental restorative materials and brand name materials (in particular for ceramics and dental implants).
All prices are in GBP (£).

Oral Surgery:

• Placing an implant (from 350 to 690)
• Sinus maxillary augmentation (to prepare cosmetic surgery or implantation) (from 380 to 990)
• Bone replacement (from 350 to 720)
• Tooth extraction (from 33 to 138)
• Root resection (from 140 to 175)
• Cyst operations (from 110 to 260)
• Closed Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Quadrant (from 179 to 230)
• Open Curettage Periodontal Surgery/Quadrant (from 334 to 420)
Dental Conservative Treatments
• Fillings (from 42 to 74)
• White fillings (from 140 to 344)
• Sealing (from 27 to 110)
• Root Canal Treatment/Canal (from 35 to 79)


• Implants (from 350 to 690)
• Combined solutions (fixed or removable) (from 350 to 690)
• Porcelain crowns (from 188 to 370)
• Inlays, onlays (from 87 to 145)
• Veneers (porcelain) (from 294 to 375)
• Removable dentures (from 140 to 380)
Dental hygiene and dental cosmetic treatments
• Plaque removal (from 24 to 37)
• Professional tooth cleaning (from 42 to 68)
• Professional tooth bleaching (from 37 to 42)


• Consultation (from 25 to 37)
• Dental X-ray (from 6 to 11)
• Ortho-Pantograph X-Ray (from 12 to 14)
Miscellaneous Treatments
• Laughing Gas/General Anaesthesia (from 55 to 268)

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