The Quick, Safe and Simple way to find the right dentist in Romania.

With the right dentist you get the best results and pay less!

This Offer Includes:

Choosing the right dentist is an important task for you. You will need someone who is properly trained to provide the kind of dentistry you need.

We provide the most accessible way to get in touch with the right dentist in Romania.
The research in the Rodent database is excellent for finding the right dentist.

 ➡ As a result you will receive the dentist’s Resume, full of useful information, so you can get a first impression from the dentist who will take care of you.

At last, if your first impression will be great, you can contact the dentist.
Explaining your case to the dentist, you will receive important information and an estimate of costs on the dental treatment you need, so that you can evaluate the convenience and decide whether to continue with the start of dental care.

How It Works:

Take one minute to fill out the form. It’s really easy to apply.
Next, you will receive the CV, the doctor’s resume. His qualifications will be in this document: school, university, courses and specializations. The technological equipment of the dental practice and also the images of the dental practice will be in this document. Obviously the document includes the address of the dental practice and the contact details of the dentist.


The first and the most important reason:

You find the right dentist in order to best meet your therapeutic needs.
The right dentist is a specialized dentist, therefore able to treat the patient in the best possible way.
Being specialized means being an expert.
This means that, after qualifying as a general dentist, he or her has studied an additional three or five years to become a specialist in their chosen field.
With a specilizzated dentist you couldn’t be in safer hands!

The second reason is savings!

Romania is considered the cheapest in the Western world in terms of dental costs.
Considerable savings can be made by travelling to Romania for cosmetic dentistry or for treatments such as dental implants and dental crowns.
Dental costs may be as low as 30% of private dental costs in the UK.
The total cost, considering the cost of treatment, including travel and accommodation, is less than half the cost of treatment alone in many countries.
With a certified Ro.Dent dentist you pay the same price you pay to other dentists in Romania or less, but your big advantage is that you will be treated by a specialist.


Dental tourism without intermediaries.

In dental tourism there are many intermediaries such as agencies, brokers or agents and their function is to act as a reliable connection between two parts: the future patient and the dental service provider.
A common characteristic of all intermediaries is that they are not doctors. This means that they can not diagnose or plan treatment plans.
Another common characteristic of the intermediaries is that they are paid with a percentage of what you pay the dentist. This means that without intermediaries, you pay less for dental treatment.
You do not pay anything to use the Rodent database. The costs are covered by the certification procedure of the dentists and the brand licensing.
You can do it without an intermediary.

Relationship-based dentists.

If you choose a large dental clinic, you will be assigned the available dentist with whom you will not be able to have a direct relationship.
Because he is a dentist who works for the clinic as an employee.
Otherwise the relationship is different, it is better, when the owner of the dental practice personally takes care of you.
Also this aspect distinguishes a Rodent dentist from the rest.


Teledentistry to provide diagnosis and solutions remotely.

You can get an idea of what will be proposed to you and how much you will spend, simply with the help of a telediagnosis.
You will need to send your panoramic X-RAY and a picture of your teeth to the dentist.
The dentist will answer you with an estimate of the treatment with different options.

Free consultation with full diagnosis provided.

Those who book a visit to the dental practice take advantage of comprehensive diagnostic dental tests and a free consultation.

Patient Satisfaction Guarantee.

The Rodents dentists provide guarantees for the dental work performed so you can rest assured. The main guarantees are:
– guarantee of dental implants with an implant passport
– guarantee of authenticity and compliance with the quality standards of teeth or prosthesis materials.
Also, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your treatment, the dentist will continue to work until you are happy.
We would venture to guess that you will not find many dentists able to offer the same.

Logistics services to facilitate travel and accommodation.

Transfer from the airport:
A member of the dentist’s staff will meet you at the airport arrivals and will drive you to your chosen accommodation.
Accommodation near the dental office:
There are many options and it all depends on the budget and the facilities that you would like to have on offer.
Prices start at a minimum of £ 20 a night for apartment style accommodation or £ 30 a night for hotel accommodation.
Availability for 24/24 assistance:
The dentist is always available for any medical problems.
For any other problem, a member of staff is always available to help.

Whatsapp Quickly Contact:

✅ You can quickly receive answers to your questions regarding our dental services offer.
✅ You can send here your Dental X-rays.
✅ You can receive our opinion on the diagnosis and recommended treatment.
✅ You can also receive a Estimate Cost of Dental Care.