About Rodent:

What is the Rodent brand.

RO.DENT is a database of Romanian skilled dentists with activities in dental tourism.
The database include selected and recommended dentists who belong to the experts in a different field of dentistry: from general dentistry to advanced restorative dentistry (see the full list on our website).
Only dentists who meet the following criteria are selected in the database:
• they are specialized dentists
• they have several years of experience as private dental practice owners
If you are looking for a good dentist in Romania, with a simple search you will find the best dentist to best solve your dental case

What is the Rodent brand:

RODENT is a registered trademark and is used as a tool for the recognition of dentists, who guarantee their patients “the high value of their medical act”.
The mark is assigned to the dentist who meets the value policy promoted by the brand. The values ​​policy is expressed by the requirements that dentists must meet to be recognized with the Rodent brand and included in the database.
The function of the Rodent brand.
➡ signals and indicates to the public the professional excellence of the individual dentist in the context of the multitude and variety of suppliers operating in the dental tourism sector in Romania.
➡ indicates to the public the professional values ​​of the individual dentist, which distinguishes him on the market.
Utility of the brand.
The Rodent brand is a useful tool for users of dental services (patients) and for dental service providers (dentists).
➡ On the patient’s side:
Facilitates the orientation in the market of offers of dental services and facilitates the choice of the supplier, on the basis of the selection criteria that the brand represents.
➡ On the dentist side:
Facilitate communication to the public of the total value of the professional offer of the dentist, value recognized by the brand.

The Rodent database:

The Rodent database includes romanian dentists who are active in the dental tourism sector, if they meet the following requirements:

Minimum requirements:
➡ offers better dental services aimed at ensuring highly therapeutic dental treatments
➡ offers guarantees to the patient for the value of his medical action
➡ is an expert in a particular area of dentistry (surgery, conservative, endodontics, periodontics and dental prosthesis), respectively he showed diagnostic skills, exceptional dexterity and scientific expertise in the exercise of the medical act
➡ has a significant practical experience of at least five years
➡ is the owner of his own dental practice
➡ performs the activity in a structure that meets the technological and safety requirements, in compliance with current regulations
➡ uses current and performing dental technology
➡ uses dental materials certified by prestigious brands
➡ has the price list aligned with the average market prices
➡ offers logistics services for foreign patients to facilitate their stay in Romania
➡ speaks the patient’s foreign language

Requirements that constitute a plus of value:
➡ participates in congress scientific events, scientific communications, etc. and updates new techniques and innovative methods in the field of dentistry
➡ contributes to science with contributions to studies and research

The benefits of choosing the dentist from the Rodent database:

By choosing the dentist with the Rodent database, you will be taken care of by the dentist who has the appropriate training to improve your dental state in the best possible way, with excellent results and guarantees. Respectively you will get as benefits:

➡ complete and correct diagnosis
➡ the rehabilitation solution of high therapeutic value
➡ an effective treatment plan
➡ correct therapies

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