Dental tourism in Romania. Accommodation in Bucharest

dental tourism in romania: Central Residence (300 meters from the clinic). Residence Pirri

In the hearth of Bucharest is located our residence apartments, which offers an outstanding place to stay in the central area.
The sun-drenched apartments are furnished in a modern style with spacious internal areas, fully furnished kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.
Because of the central location it is very easy to approach with public transport Bucharest’s most important tourist sights.
Services: free WiFi, television, air conditioning.

dental tourism in romania: Hotels (both about 100 meters from the clinics). Hotel Dalin,  SS Residence Hotel
Choose from our partner hotels (3*) and enjoy their special offers including favourable room rates.

dental tourism in romania: Tourism Opportunity

Programmes in Bucharest

• Sightseeing in Bucharest by day.
• Bucharest by night with dinner.
Countryside Tours (departing from Bucharest) 
• Visit Dracula Castle & Peles Castle – one day tour 
• Prahova Valley – one day tour
• Day trip to black sea

dental tourism in romania: Useful Information.

Language spoken: Romanian. English is widely understood and spoken in Bucharest in shops, restaurants, hotels, by taxi drivers etc.
Climate: Moderately dry continental climate. Cold winters and warm/hot summers (during the summer make sure to bring sunglasses and plenty of sun protection lotion).
Currency: RON – Romanian Leu – approx. exchange rate €1 = 4,5 RON. Credit Cards accepted in the shops, hotels, restaurants etc.: Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, American Express
Electicity: 230V, AC 50Hz – continental Europe 2 pin type travel adapters needed to use your mobile phone charger, laptops etc.
Taxis in Bucharest: It is advisable to order a taxi by phone from the hotel or a restaurant.
Driving in Romania: On the right hand side of the road. Speed limits: In the city 50 km/h, on the main roads 90 km/h and on the motorways 130 km/h.. Alcohol limit for driving is ZERO percent.
Visas & passports: Visa not needed for UK and Irish citizens to enter Romania. Valid passport needed for travelling to Romania.

Brief information about our dental centers.

In all the cities we are present with high level clinics with all dental specializations. In any our clinic we provide the latest in dental treatments such as oral surgery, dental implant, conservative periodontology, partial denture and dental aesthetic.

Various information about this cities (source of information on Wikipedia).

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