Why Romania is so popular in the field of dental tourism in Europe:
Still not sure about going abroad to find your perfect cosmetic dentist? Let’s summarize what makes Hungary so attractive for patients seeking cosmetic dental treatment abroad!
1. Affordable dental treatments
Patients can save up to 70% on their dental bill.
2. Location
Romania is easily accessible from any European country by direct, low cost flights of maximum 3 hours.
3. Holiday
Bucharest, Cluj and Timisoara are the cities of dental tourism that are richer in tourism. Every city is a great place to explore between two dentist appointments.
4. Shopping
In Romania, not only dentistry is a convenient service, but above all everything else is.
Patients can use their time outside the dentist’s chair to get other personal care services, or simply go shopping without spending too much.

Why Rodent is the best way to find and choose il dentista in Romania.

1. Fully Experienced & High Skilled Dentists
Rodent has selected only highly educated dentists qualified as specialist dentists
8. Complete range of available treatments
Including oral & maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, cosmetic restorations, bleaching, orthodontics, periodontics, conservative treatments & more.
4. No language barriers
Hungarian cosmetic dentists and surgeons are not only educated to suit very strong requirements in their profession, but most of them speak several foreign languages fluently. For example our dentists at MDental speak English, French and German fluently for the maximum trust and comfort of our patients.
5. Experience
1 in every 4 dental tourism patient chooses Hungary as their destination. The clinic staff are usually well prepared to see foreign patients and to organize their stay & treatment.
6. Skilled supporting team
Those dental clinics that are focusing on treating patients from abroad often have a team specifically dedicated to patient care. Their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail ensures patients they get the quality of service they seek.
3. High standards in quality
Patients are treated using the highest quality materials on the market and internationally recognized brands of dental implants and dental lab materials.

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