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Aesthetic restoration Romania. An Opportunity to get a gorgeous, stunning smile.  
Case 124 E-MAX Crowns Case 2: 24 Zirconia crowns Case 3: 4 E-MAX Crowns Case 4: 6  Zirconia crowns

Aesthetic restoration Romania. Did you know that:

…behind the gleaming smiles of many favourite celebrities lies a secret?

The secret is aesthetic dentistry or so namend ‘Hollywood smiles’. ‘Hollywood smiles’ are achieved by using a combination of all or some of the following: tooth whitening, crowns, veneers, and orthodontics. Hollywood Smiles can meet the needs of people desiring a cosmetic makeover and those with misaligned and discoloured teeth. Our range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments are designed to help you get the smile you want. If you wish the Hollywood Smile, we provide it for patients who desire a gorgeous, stunning smile.

aesthetic restoration romania

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